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General information.

Please read this document carefully. It constitutes the Legal Notice that regulates access, navigation and use of the website located at the URL (hereinafter the website) is a domain registered by Daniel López Carballo (hereinafter the owner).

This page is of an informative nature, with the aim of facilitating the general public’s knowledge of legal aspects related to regulatory and jurisprudential developments in the field of privacy and data protection, within the framework of the forthcoming international forum on privacy and data protection, organised on the personal initiative of the owner of the Ibero-American Data Protection Observatory, the Madrid chapter of the IAPP, the Privacy and Data Foundation and the Nebrija University.

Access to the website is free of charge. Access, browsing and use of the website implies the express and unreserved acceptance of all the terms herein, having the same validity and effectiveness as any written and signed contract.

Its observance and compliance shall be enforceable against any person accessing, browsing or using the website. If you do not agree with the above terms, do not access, browse or use the website.

The user undertakes not to use the website or the information offered on it to carry out activities contrary to the Law, morality or public order, and to respect the conditions of use established by the owner of the website.

Identification of the owner of this website.

  • Owner: Daniel López Carballo.
  • E-Mail:
  • Domain:

General conditions of use of the web site and acceptance of the same ones.

By accepting this legal notice (privacy policy and related cookies), you declare that you are a person of legal age and with capacity to contract, and that you have read and accept the conditions contained in both sections.

The content of both this Legal Notice and the privacy and cookie policies of this website regulate the relationship between the users of the website and the owner of the same.

The User guarantees that he/she provides true, exact, complete and updated data. To this effect, the User is responsible for the veracity of all the data he/she provides and will keep the information provided suitably updated.

The User shall be liable for any false or inaccurate information provided through the website and for any damages, direct or indirect, that this may cause to the owner or third parties.

From the moment of accessing the aforementioned website, the user accepts the terms and conditions set out both in the legal notice and in the privacy policy of the same. This document may be printed and stored by users.

Access to or use of the website for illegal or unauthorised purposes, whether for profit or not, is not permitted and, therefore, its consequences will be the sole responsibility of the user.

In particular, and without the following list being restrictive in nature, it is forbidden:

  • Using the website in a way that may cause damage, interruptions, inefficiencies or defects in its operation or in the computer equipment of a third party;
  • Use the website for the transmission, installation or publication of any viruses, malicious code or other harmful programs or files;
  • Use the website to collect personal data of other users, without taking into account the current data protection regulations
  • Use the website illegally, against good faith, morality and public order;
  • Registering or contacting the owner through the Website under a false identity, impersonating third parties or using a profile or carrying out any other action that may mislead other users as to the identity of the user;
  • Unauthorised access to any section of the Website, to other systems or networks connected to the Website, to the Holder’s servers, or to the services offered through the Website, by hacking or forgery, password mining or any other illegitimate means;
  • Breach, or attempt to breach, the security or authentication measures of the Website or any network connected to the Website, or the security or protection measures inherent in the content offered on the Website;
  • Take any action that causes disproportionate or unnecessary strain on the infrastructure of the Website or the Owner’s systems or networks, as well as systems and networks connected to the Website; or
  • Impeding the normal development of an event, competition, promotion or any other activity available through the website or any of its functionalities, either by altering or attempting to alter, illegally or in any other way, access, participation or operation thereof, or by falsifying the result thereof and/or using fraudulent participation methods, by means of any procedure, and/or through any practice that violates or infringes these terms and conditions.

The breach of any of the above by the user may lead to the adoption by the owner of the appropriate measures protected by law and in the exercise of their rights or obligations.

In order for the website to be a safe environment, and to protect our users, it is strictly forbidden to publish content:

  • That may be considered a violation in any way of the fundamental rights to honour, to personal and family privacy or to one’s own image of third parties and, in particular, of minors;
  • That include photographs that include images or personal data of third parties without having obtained the appropriate consent of their owners;
  • That violate the secrecy of communications or that involve an infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights or of the regulations governing the protection of data of a personal nature;
  • That contain any material or information that is illegal, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, fraudulent or in any way contrary to morality or public order;
  • That contain «spam» and/or links to sites unrelated to the corresponding space;
  • That include advertising or commercial communications, for the broadcasting of messages for advertising purposes or for the collection of data for the same purpose.

The user who breaches these prohibitions shall be liable for any claims that may arise as a result. Even if no claim from a third party arises, the owner reserves the right to prevent access to the website or the possibility of participating in the spaces provided therein to users who do not comply with these conditions.

The owner of the website does not control the content published by users on the website and assumes no responsibility for this content. However, it reserves the right to supervise and/or moderate any content published by users and, if it violates this legal notice or the privacy policy of the website, to edit or delete it.

Likewise, if you find any information or content on the website that may be unsuitable, contrary to current legislation, or contrary to the conditions set out on the website, please inform the owner immediately.

Information and consent.

By reading this document we inform you about the way in which the owner collects, processes and protects the personal data provided through the website as well as the data derived from your browsing or provided through the on-line forms and any other data that you may provide in the future to the owner through any authorised means.

You should carefully read this document, which has been written in a clear and simple manner, to facilitate its understanding, and to allow you to freely and voluntarily determine whether you wish to browse under these conditions, as well as to provide your personal data to the owner.

In accordance with the regulations in force, all the information about the data processing carried out by the owner is available in the privacy policy section.

Intellectual and industrial property.

The owner of the website is the holder of the Intellectual Property rights, or has the corresponding licences over the intellectual and industrial property exploitation rights necessary to operate the Website, over the content of this website, including, but not limited to, its own graphic design, codes, fonts, texts, images, videos, photographs, brands, logos, icons or distinctive signs (hereinafter «content» of the website), or has the necessary permissions for its use.

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that access, browsing and use of the website by the user implies a waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial transfer of said rights by the owner. The user has the right to use the contents for the purpose of enjoying the website in accordance herewith.

Therefore, any use and/or reproduction of the content of this website is prohibited, including but not limited to the reproduction, distribution, modification, sale, rental, assignment, transmission or adaptation of all or part of the content of the website except as provided herein, i.e.: The use or reproduction, in whole or in part, of its contents is permitted on a non-profit basis, provided that the source is acknowledged and a hyperlink to this website is included, and in the cases permitted in articles 31 to 34 of the Intellectual Property Law. The use of frames or any other mechanisms intended to hide the origin or source of the contents, any use, transformation or exploitation of the same for commercial or promotional purposes or contrary to the law, morality or public order, which could harm the interests or damage the image of the owner or legitimate third parties, which constitute unfair competition or, in general, contrary to the provisions of this document, is prohibited.

The infringement by third parties of the Intellectual Property rights or any other right over the content of this website, owned by the owner, will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that access and «browsing» by the user implies authorisation or that any waiver, transmission, total or partial transfer of such rights is made, nor the granting of any right or expectation of rights and, specifically, of the alteration, transformation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the contents for commercial purposes without the prior express authorisation of the owner of the website or the corresponding owners.

References to registered trademarks or trade names, or other distinctive signs, whether owned by the owner or by third parties, imply a prohibition on their use without the consent of the entity or their legitimate owners. At no time does accessing, browsing or using the website and/or its contents confer on the user any right over the distinctive signs included therein, unless otherwise provided herein.

Likewise, it is forbidden to remove or manipulate the ownership indications that identify the owners of the rights of the contents that the user finds on the website, as well as the technical protection devices, or any mechanism or information incorporated into the contents offered on the website.

In the event that the user sends information or content of any kind to the owner through any of the channels provided for this purpose, the user declares, guarantees and accepts that he/she has the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intellectual or industrial property rights, trade secrets or any other rights of third parties, and that said information is not of a confidential nature or harmful to third parties.

The user acknowledges that he/she assumes responsibility, leaving the owner of the website unharmed, for any communication or content that he/she sends personally or in his/her name.

If the user becomes aware of the existence of any content that is illicit, illegal, contrary to the law or that could involve an infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights, or any other type of content, he/she must immediately notify the owner at so that he/she can proceed to adopt the appropriate measures.

Similarly, in the event that any user or third party considers that any of the contents of the website owned by the owner infringes their intellectual, industrial or any other type of property rights, they must send a communication to with the following information:

  • Identification data and means of contact of the claimant or his/her legal representative.
  • Documentation accrediting their status as the Holder of the allegedly infringed rights.
  • Detailed account of the rights allegedly infringed, as well as their exact location on the website.
  • Express declaration by the claimant that the use of the contents has been made without consent and of the rights allegedly infringed.

Information on legislation, case law and reports.

The information collected in the different sections of the website, on legislation, case law, reports and opinions, has been compiled from the different institutional pages and portals of the national bodies of each country. All the information collected is openly accessible to the public.

The texts provided are intended for use as a documentary tool. These texts have no legal validity. For legal purposes, please consult the updated texts and consolidated versions in the Official Gazettes and Newspapers.

Images and photographs.

The images shown on this website are the property of their authors. All the images have been published without any profit motive, nor commercial motive, with the purpose of mere illustration, and always and at all times respecting the right of paternity of the work. In the event that, by error or omission, the owner of the website has infringed any of the rights that may relate to such images, the owner undertakes to remedy the error, acting in good faith, as soon as it becomes aware of it, by eliminating any content that may affect the intellectual property of the authors. Should you become aware of any such incidents, please notify so that they can be rectified.

Web content and links.

The information contained in this website may not be correct; therefore, the owner accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or harm that may be caused by the accuracy, integrity or veracity of this information, nor for the use by third parties of the content of this website, nor for any possible errors in accessing it. In other words, the owner accepts no responsibility for the content of any Internet forum or debate, bulletins or any other type of transmissions that are linked to this website. The operator will cooperate, if required by court order, legal provision or by the relevant authorities, in identifying the persons responsible for content that violates the law.

The owner reserves the right to suspend, modify, restrict or interrupt, either temporarily or permanently, the access, browsing, use, hosting and/or downloading of the content and/or use of services of the website, with or without prior notice, to users who contravene any of the provisions detailed in this legal notice, without the user being able to claim any compensation for this reason.

This website contains links to external pages, and is not responsible for the contents of these pages (the user is responsible for abiding by the terms and conditions of use of the pages consulted) nor for any misuse or activities contrary to the law, morality or public order carried out by users on these pages. The website is for information purposes only and is not intended for profit.

It is expressly forbidden to transmit any type of data to this website that infringes or injures the rights of third parties and/or the content of which may be libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, as well as the transmission of any other material that constitutes conduct that may be considered criminal.

The contents and publications on this page are of a general nature and do not constitute, in any way, the provision of a service of any kind, so that such information should not in any case be taken as the sole reference in making personal or business decisions by the user, not taking responsibility Daniel López Carballo of those who take disregarding this warning, nor for damages caused to third parties for actions based on them.

Exemption from liability in the use of content.

Daniel López Carballo does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, adequacy and suitability of the information provided through the website, as well as the correct sending of comments or any type of publication or content by the user.

The contents and publications on this page are of a general nature and do not constitute, in any way, the provision of a service of any kind, so that such information should not in any case be taken as the sole reference in making personal or business decisions by the user, not being responsible Daniel López Carballo of those that are taken ignoring this warning, nor for any damages caused to third parties by the actions based on them.

Access and use of the website does not imply, in any case, that Daniel López Carballo is responsible for: the continuity of its contents, the absence of errors or viruses or any other harmful software, the lack or loss of performance of the contents during navigation by the user, the damages that the user caused to himself or a third party for breach of these Terms of Use or comments posted by users.

However, if you consider a comment, publication or any other content posted by a user, contrary to law, morality or public order, you should contact Daniel López Carballo through the contact address and this will proceed, if necessary, to its elimination as soon as possible.

Modification of the terms and conditions of use.

The present general conditions and the particular conditions that may eventually be established, and with the wording that they present at any given time, have an indefinite duration, and will remain in force while the portal continues to be active. The owner reserves the unilateral right to modify the conditions of access to the same, as well as their content, notifying the users of this website, in order to improve the services offered. By modifying the conditions set out on this page, this duty of notification shall be deemed to have been fulfilled.

Communication channel.

The owner places at the disposal of its users a channel through which they may communicate and inform it of the existence of any content which the user considers to be contrary to the law or which infringes the legitimate rights of third parties. If you become aware of any of the above circumstances, you should immediately inform the owner, so that the latter can review the content and, if necessary, proceed to remove or disable it, by writing to the e-mail address provided.


The headings of the different clauses are for information purposes only, and shall not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the legal notice or privacy policy. Likewise, the owner may modify the terms and conditions stipulated herein, in whole or in part, by publishing any change in the same form in which this document appears or through any type of communication addressed to users.

The temporary validity of this legal notice and privacy policy coincides, therefore, with the time of its exposure, until it is totally or partially modified, at which time the modified text will come into force.

Regardless of the provisions of the particular conditions that may be established, the owner may terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time and without the need for prior notice, access to the contents of the website, without the user being able to claim any compensation whatsoever. After such termination, the prohibitions on the use of the contents set out in this notice shall remain in force.

Likewise, if the user breaches the present, the owner may suspend or cancel the user’s profile automatically and without prior notice, and in no case shall such suspension or cancellation entitle the user to any compensation whatsoever. To these effects, the owner informs that he/she may inform and collaborate with the competent police and judicial authorities if he/she detects any infringement of current legislation or if he/she suspects that a crime has been committed.

In the event of any discrepancy between the provisions of this legal notice or the privacy policy and the particular conditions of each service or condition, activity and/or event specific to the Website, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.

In the event that any provision of this text is declared null and void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative body, such nullity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions of this text.

The failure of the owner to exercise or enforce any right or provision contained in this legal notice or privacy policy shall not constitute a waiver thereof.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

The legal regulation of this website, both in terms of content and use, is governed by Spanish Law, and specifically by Royal Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, as well as by Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

The relations established between the user and the owner of the website shall be governed by the provisions of the current regulations on applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. However, in those cases in which the regulations allow the parties to voluntarily submit to a jurisdiction, in the event of a dispute or controversy related to the application or interpretation of the same, the parties agree, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

In any case, the rules of the Spanish legal system shall be applicable.

If you wish to make a complaint about the use of our services, you can send a letter to the e-mail address in the «Identification» section, undertaking to seek an amicable solution to the conflict at all times.

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