Nicola Fabiano

Nicola Fabiano, Italian Lawyer, entitled to represent clients before the Italian High Courts, Civil Law Specialist, Independent Researcher and frequent speaker at international conferences on Data Protection, Privacy, Cyber Security, IoT, Blockchain, Author (articles, essays, books, papers).

Nicola Fabiano is currently the President of the San Marino Data Protection Authority since 23/01/2019.

Nicola Fabiano is also:

  • the national expert at the Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals about Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Convention No. 108) for the Republic of San Marino;
  • the national expert at the Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) of the Council of Europe.

Nicola Fabiano has been:

Nicola Fabiano is a member of:

Nicola Fabiano is the President of the Centre for Informatics and Forensic Innovation – CINFOR.

Nicola Fabiano is certified:

  • Security Manager (ICT) – UNI 11506:2017
  • Data Protection Officer – UNI 11697:2017
  • Privacy Assessor – UNI 11697:2017
  • Information Security Management Systems Professionals – ISO 27021:2017

In 1994 Nicola Fabiano founded Studio Legale Fabiano (Fabiano Law Firm).

From 2008 to 2010 he was an external advisor – on personal data protection and information security – for some European projects (including, Safer Internet Program Plus, Easy to Stop-it – EAST, Youth Protection Roundtable – YPRT).

In 2009-2010 he was part, on behalf of the Italian node within the European project “EAST2 – Easy to Stop-it”, of the Task Force called by the European Commission, and he has been “contributor” to the document “Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU” officially presented in February 2009 in Luxembourg.

In 2009 he began to deepen the Internet of Things phenomenon (IoT). On 4th December 2009, Nicola participated in Brussels to the launch-event of the Council of the Internet of Things, presenting a talk on “IoT and the legal issues”. Nicola has been involved as a member of the Advisory Board of the European project “Bottom Up selection, collection and management of URBAn waste – BURBA” and as an EMG member (External Member Group) of the European BUTLER project.

In 2010 – due to his research activities on Data Protection and Privacy by Design – Nicola Fabiano was recognised by Dr Ann Cavoukian, formerly Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (Canada), “Privacy by Design Ambassador”. In 2011 Nicola Fabiano was mentioned in the document on the state of Privacy by Design (PbD) titled “A Report on the state of PbD to the 33rd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners”, presented by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, at the 33rd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

Nicola Fabiano participated in the Masterclass on Societal Security, and he is in the European Societal Security expert database.

In 2017 Nicola won the course promoted by the Council of Europe in collaboration with the Italian Bar Council (CNF) on “Data Protection and Privacy Rights”.

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