Francisco González-Calero

International Lead Advisor – Legal Services at Govertis Advisory Services. Certified by the ACS Centre for the Registration and Certification of Persons, as a DPD. Research Award Basque Data Protection Agency V Edition as coordinator and co-author for «Towards an effective data protection in Ibero-America. Declarations of the initiative of the Ibero-American Data Protection Observatory» and National Research Award Spanish Data Protection Agency 2014 as coordinator and co-author for «Data protection and habeas data: a vision from Ibero-America», awarded with an Accésit in the Spanish Data Protection Agency Research Awards 2014. Member of the Review Commission of the Personal Data Protection Law of the Dominican Republic. Co-Chair of the Madrid KnowledgeNet Chapter at IAPP.

Associate professor and coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Data Protection, Innovation and Security at Universidad Nebrija. Visiting Professor at the Instituto de Empresa (IE Law School). Professor of the DPD/DPO programmes (advanced and superior) and El Dia a Día del DPO of the Spanish Association for Quality. Lecturer in the DPD Training Programme for Public Administrations (AEPD-INAP) given by the Spanish Association for Quality. Lawyer by the Madrid Bar Association. Awarded as Outstanding Lawyer of the Year 2016 by the Red Iberoamericana El Derecho Informático. Member of the Ibero-American Data Protection Observatory.

Master’s Degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade from the Instituto de Formación y Empleo and Professional Master’s Degree in European Union from the Real Instituto de Estudios Europeos. Degree in Law from the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Author of numerous specialised articles in media such as El Derecho Editores Law&Trends and LegalToday. Co-author of the study «State of the art and implications of security and privacy in the Internet of Things» by ISMS Forum Spain. Co-author of the «Código de buenas prácticas en protección de datos para proyectos de Big Data» by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and ISMS Forum Spain, Co-author of «Las reglas de juego en el ecosistema digital. Level playing field» by Fundación Telefónica and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Co-author of «Reflexiones sobre el futuro de la Privacidad en Europa II Edición del estudio del proyecto de Reglamento de Protección de Datos» and author of the dissertation «El comercio electrónico y la firma digital en la Unión Europea, con especial referencia a España».

Specialised since January 2003 in data protection, e-commerce and information security, he has developed his professional career in different firms and consultancy firms, carrying out projects and consultancy work, biennial audits, continuous advice, administrative procedures and protection of rights, drafting clauses and contracts, employee training, giving talks, courses and lectures.

He has extensive experience in both the public sector (regional parliaments, local police, provincial councils, counties, town councils, general, regional and provincial councils) and the private sector (multinational companies, private universities, primary and secondary schools, social work foundations, professionals in the health, insurance and financial sectors, etc.).

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